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The Power of Our Supplements




Bringing Balance Back into Your Life

Women’s hormone levels shift and change throughout most of our lives- from puberty through pregnancy and stretching on into menopause. 

Our hormones can affect our mood, appetite, weight, metabolism, sleep patterns, sex-drive and energy. As we age, fluctuating hormone levels can have a negative impact on our lives- magnifying symptoms like:

•    Everyday stress from family, career, and a too-busy lifestyle
•    Slower metabolism, difficult to maintain a healthy weight
•    Lack of energy throughout the day and feeling sluggish
•    Changing sleep patterns - trouble falling and/or staying asleep
•    Sudden and swiftly changing mood swings
•    Lower libido or sex-drive 
•    Increased appetite and cravings
•    Hot flashes & night sweats


Natural Powers Nutrition Women’s Supplements can be the all-natural, safe solution that effectively reduces these unwanted symptoms and help you get back to feeling like yourself again.

The Benefits of Being in Balance

Natural Powers Nutrition Women’s Supplements were created for women, by women for a reason - we are women, just like you! We want to help you feel amazing every day at every stage of your life.

Finding a natural way to balance your hormone levels can give you relief from the unwanted symptoms of hormonal imbalance. We only choose the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to use in our formulas- no negative side effects, no synthetics and no prescription required! 

Our all-natural formulas work safely with women’s bodies - unlike prescription drugs that can cause a myriad of negative side effects and may interact with other prescriptions you are currently taking.

Women who want effective, natural hormone balancing solutions, continue to choose our formulas over any other. These are just some of the benefits women have experienced with our Natural Powers Nutrition Women’s Supplements:

•    Less stress (customers taking Desire or Dream)
•    Decreased appetite & cravings, maintaining healthy weight
•    Weight loss 
•    Increased energy and overall well-being
•    Better night’s sleep, waking rested and refreshed
•    Reduced mood swings
•    Increased arousal and stimulation, more sexual confidence
•    Reduced hot flashes & night sweats

We are a natural solution that works! Stop suffering and start rebalancing your hormones - and your life!