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Our Women's Libido Enhancer

Heightens Arousal & Pleasure

Increases Lubrication, Sensation & Stimulation


Of Women Showed Heightened Levels of Arousal

Clinical Trial Results
Desire has been clinically tested & proven to help women struggling with low sexual drive or desire. Participants showed improvement throughout the study - enhanced arousal, increased lubrication, greater desire & sensation and more frequent orgasms. The results and statements cannot be ignored.


Of Women Showed Increased Levels of Desire


Of Women Showed an Improved Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) Score

Clinical Trial was performed by Dr. Michael L Krychman, MDCM, OB/GYN

World Renowned Specialist in Sexual Health

Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Clinical Sexual Counselor and Author

Executive Director: The Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship 

Medical Director: Sexual Medicine at Hoag Hospital  

Desire for Women
Daily Supplement That Safely & Gradually Increases Women's Libido
Free U.S Ground Shipping
Free Returns if You Are Not Satisfied
Clinically Tested with Excellent Results
Supports Natural Lubrication, Assisting with Vaginal Dryness & Pain
Gently Increases Sexual Pleasure - Increasing Stimulation & Orgasms
Balances Your Hormones Naturally & Gradually

"I would certainly recommend Desire to any woman going thru a "mid-life" phase" *

- Tammy A

Natural Powers Nutrition Women’s Supplements offers women an all-natural breakthrough intimacy formula to help you ignite that spark of passion and desire back into your life again!

Be in the Mood


We want to feel good - like the sexy, confident women that we are. The symptoms of hormonal imbalance can often interrupt our lives by making us feel too tired, too stressed and in general- not very sexy or “in the mood” to be with our partners.

Desire is your natural, safe and effective solution!


Natural Powers Nutrition’s Desire formula was designed with you in mind - powerful, all-natural ingredients to help balance hormonal fluctuations and reduce the symptoms of hormonal imbalance that prevent you from enjoying the intimacy in your relationships that you deserve.

Let's Get Physical

Women experiencing the effects of hormonal imbalance, can feel like they are losing more than just the physical aspect of intimacy from their relationships - they can also feel emotionally disconnected. When these symptoms negatively impact our lifestyle; our relationships and our self-confidence suffer as well.

Increasing Your Libido Can Benefit

You and Your Loved One

-  Emotionally & Physically  -

Is your lack of a sex drive or desire hurting your marriage?

Back on the dating scene wanting to be sexually confident?

Are you tired of always saying no to your husband or partner?

Are symptoms of menopause causing a lack of sexual arousal?


Produces Lubrication

Desire for women produces lubrication naturally so you can start enjoying sexual activity without the pain or embarrassment

Increases Stimulation

Desire heightens arousal and stimulation giving you increased sensation which can lead to more intense orgasms

Heightens Sexual Desire

Our libido enhancer balances hormones, helping your body and mind so you can enjoy sex again physically and emotionally

We Understand What You Need

Take Back Your Sex Life

If Lack of sexual desire, loss of sexual stimulation or sensation, difficulty reaching orgasm or trouble self-lubricating can keep you from fully enjoying a happy and healthy sex life.

Desire can offer hope- resetting the balance of hormone levels and returning the passion and satisfaction to your sex life again!

Naturally Gentle, Safe & Effective

Unlike prescription drugs, Desire won’t give you an instant boost and then disappear. Desire was specially formulated to work naturally and gradually with a woman’s body.
Our formula delivers clinically tested results- giving you increased sexual stimulation, desire, sensation and natural lubrication gradually. When taken daily, Desire can be the all-natural solution to a healthy, enjoyable sex life.

Time Waits for No Woman

Women’s bodies are amazing and unique - no two are the same. Desire’s ingredients will work with your specific hormone levels and the effects are gradual.

So why wait? The sooner you make the choice to use Desire as part of your daily regimen; the sooner you start feeling passionate and excited about intimacy again. Don’t wait- start feeling your Desire!

Formulated Exclusively for Women by Women

Natural Powers Nutrition Women’s Supplements created Desire not only to address women’s needs - like helping to restore balance to hormone levels to feel our healthiest. We also wanted to empower women everywhere to renew their self-confidence and enjoy intimate relationships again.

Desire gives women struggling with low libido, lack of lubrication and limited sensation; the power to take charge of their own desire by gently, safely and gradually increasing stimulation, arousal and sensation.

Invest in your own pleasure - you are worth it and deserve to enjoy sexual intimacy physically and emotionally again.

Don’t continue to suffer in silence - it’s time to follow your Desire.

Other Supplements we offer that assist with many of the Hormone-Balancing issues you may be struggling with

Know the Signs & Symptoms of Low Libido

Decreased Sensation



Having difficulties or being unable to reach orgasm and having a loss of stimulation or arousal, is a common issue for women. This can lead to personal stress and a lack of interest in sexual intimacy.

Hormonal changes, a stressful lifestyle, medications and more can often lead to low libido. Knowing what can trigger libido changes in your system is the first step to reclaiming your sexual health.

Minimum Lubrication



Lack of arousal, hormonal fluctuations and medications can also cause complications with the ability to self-lubricate. Relying on creams or lubricants can only provide you with temporary relief.


The inability to self-lubricate can lead to dryness and pain during sexual intercourse and is an unpleasant issue for many women. It is the 2nd most common sexual complaint among women. Reviving the ability to self-lubricate naturally can make your physical intimacy enjoyable again.

No Sexual Thoughts, Desires or Fantasies


Low Libido is the most common sexual health problem with women. A lack of interest in any type of sexual activity - from self-stimulation to having a sexual partner, can be a result of a hormonal imbalance.

Nearly 50% of women between the ages of 30-50 suffer from low libido - you are not alone and there is help.

Natural Powers Nutrition’s Desire can effectively address all low libido issues for women. Desire naturally, safely and gradually works with your body and giving you the key to unlocking a happier, healthier sex life!